15th March 19:30

THE FEMS are a post-apocalyptic explosion of flamingo monsters who come to party, to play and to destroy toxic masculinity through serious of sketches, songs, silliness and satire.
This flock of glittering outcasts, fresh from the sequinned swamp, present a kamikaze cabaret and monstrous melodrama. THE FEMS – terrifying embodiments of femininity – take us on a glittering tour to show that says “sometimes it’s hard to be a Fem” – but the alternative is even grimmer.
A parent seeking advice from a minister about his effeminate son, a bacchanal Women’s Institute meeting and a text from a ‘neomasculinity’ blog: THE FEMS skewer hypocrisies and hate with series of blasphemous and boisterous sketches – while probing themselves and their audience for their own femphobia.
THE FEMS (which are “Fem”, “Femme” or any derivation that fills the glittering space between the poles of perceived gender) are a bouffon chorus of unashamedly evil clowns. They combine the skills of our collective (spanning performance artists to musical theatre), the fun and fierceness of our strange play, and the topical relevance of a world of bathroom policing and gendered Lego.

A singular riotous, vicious, silly choral piece musing on masc vs. fem culture and the systems that keep this perfidious framework in place.


“Exciting, interesting, daring, mad, bonkers, touching, and really bloody brilliant” – Joe Boylan, Barrel Organ

“They are surreal and embody a playfulness that is not often seen in theatre at the moment” Natatsha Sutton Williams, Working Birthday Theatre

“…a hilarious and ultimately moving piece of theatre with a very clear goal. THE FEMS declare early on: “It’s our job to provoke you”. Despite their childlike playfulness, this lot are not messing around.” HISKIND Magazine

“The Fems celebrates and discusses the complexities of femininity without risking exclusivity. Every member of the audience is included and entertained, and The Fems strong message of support and openness never risks preaching, always maintaining the balance between entertainment and activism. A hilarious and thought-provoking evening for anyone and everyone…”  **** Spy In The Stalls



22nd March 19:30
Concession £9

We are the gender benders, the oppressors’ transgressors, the appropriators’ annihilators. Join us for a night of hys-queeria and comedy aplenty. A cabaret and comedy extravaganza where acts are diverse, queer friendly and on the frontier of the comedy and cabaret world. Compared by the irreverent Dan Wye and the irrelevant Isa Bonachera. Come explore the breadth and depth of entertainment through this community of unique voices not always given the opportunity to be heard. If you want hilarity, clarity and memories to tell the grandchildren this is the night for you.



23rd March 19:30

Trump! Brexit! Kittens! Not Another Scandal is a satirical improvised comedy show which is set in the news room of a dying news paper. Using a mix of audience suggestions and the actual headlines from the news of the day, the cast improvise their way through the hot topics of world news, celebrity gossip and sports scandals. These reporters are fearless to grab the front pages and they aren’t afraid to let something like the truth get in the way of a good story.

Featuring a cast of improvisers and comedians who make up the story behind the story, and reveal the hilarious truth behind the headlines. Not Another Scandal is an improvised comedy show that uses real headlines from the days newspapers, live updates from trending topics on twitter and audience suggestions as inspiration for fast paced comedy scenes, songs, stories and poems.

The show follows other improvised comedy shows from Sparky Buddy Productions which include Extreme Championship Improv which recently performed at the Camden Comedy Club and Bread and Roses Theatre in the Camden and Clapham Fringe Festivals, and past shows which include It’s A Scandal/Not Another Scandal, Professor Preposterous and Hardcore Imprography which have performed in festivals and venues which include The Roundhouse Studio Theatre in the Camden Fringe, Hackney Children’s Theatre, The Nursery Festival and Tristan Bates Theatre in their TBT Sparks season. Sparky Buddy Productions have also produced an improv podcast called the Sparky Buddy Improv show which is available on iTunes.



29th March 19:30

Interchangeable Bodies explores what gender means to us as individuals, where these understandings come from, and how they affect us.

The performance combines explorative and playful elements while aiming to explore and interrogate our understanding of gender.

The performer and the audience use their own experiences and questions to find a group definition for what gender means to us, and find where they would place themselves within that, then imagine where we could go from here.

How we understand gender and how it is portrayed and perceived in our culture is something that no one can avoid. But it can be too easily accepted, or taken for granted. If we continue to accept the status quo then some of us-  if not all of us-  will at some point feel at odds with the world because of who we are. We need to talk about this. I’m making this project so that we can, so that we can say the things we’re not sure how to, question the things we’d never thought to, and air the things we’re not sure we’re ‘allowed’ to.

Louisa Claughton is a theatre maker based in Leeds. She makes work that is shaped by the audience. In each performance, she aims to take apart an element of day to day life and see how it works, or if it works. Above all she tries to make work that is honest, curious, and playful.

Interchangeable Bodies has received support from the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre in the Mill, Live Art Bistro, Slung Low, The Marlborough Theatre, O2 Think Big, Third Angel, and the University of Hull.



F**k 18
6th & 7th April 19:30

Bread and Butter Productions presents…
Theatrical tales that transform and transcend.

“My Summertime sex!”
“Your Restoration Scandal!”
“How much can you handle?”

‘FXXK 18 is a bareback bacchanalian beasting of a performance. It is the forbidden understanding of carnal knowledge.

In the modern timeline, we have the excess of the holiday rep culture, these transient local celebrities we worship and crave during our pilgrimages to the holiday islands where we binge, drink and shag with fervour. The escape of the working class to a place and time free of societal constraint and familial expectation, to discover who we are when we set our caged beast free.

In the past timeline, we find ourselves in a world where the choice to engage in sexual depravity is the privilege of the rich, where the local class is subjugated to endure the cruel whims of the powerful gentry. We find an actor clinging to his stage role as a women, his expression of his otherness and his path to men he desires and despises equally. His nemesis, the other women, becomes his accomplice and champion in revenge.

Similarly in our own time, in this paradise, revenge comes for those who have abused power, who have bullied and tortured. When the beast is set lose someone is going to get bitten! There are also moments of camaraderie juxtaposed with our society’s obsession with slut-shaming.

Genuinely fun audience participation, cheeky gags, heartfelt acting and utterly filthy language shudder orgasmically throughout. Go now.’


Come and meet Bareback Baz, Cowboy Karl, Dynamite Daisy and Ave-it Large Lola who are stripped of their sensibilities to find new meaning in a place they so wanted to call home. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe; Madame Bollox, Lord Hadem’, Lady Fxxx it and Mr Pissalfidgit mirror a world in which reputation, desire and honour rip to the core of a society in which sexual hypocrisy and political perversity collide.



12th & 15th April 20:00

How to be a Londoner in an Hour
Written & Directed by Steve Hili

Londoners are strange folk. A peculiar mix of smugness, passive aggression, and panic attacks every time the rent is due, the people who live in our capital are a unique breed. And now, you can learn how to become one, a real one! How to be a Londoner in an hour is a brand-new play all about the weird and wonderful traits of Londoners. From tube etiquette to flat-sharing with maniacs via figuring out if it is a zombie invasion or just foxes getting it on, this is a must-see show for anyone who lives in London, has ever been to London or has ever been perplexed by London behaviour. You might even meet Boris Johnson. *

*Not the real Boris Johnson.



19th APRIL 19:30
Concession £8

In 2017, Original Impact hosted a trilogy of new writing scratch nights that explored gender relationships in the arts industry. Now in 2018, the company are exploring national identity and patriotic sentimentality. With Brexit on the horizon the UK as a multinational country, and especially the capital, face a big discussion on what kind of country we want to be on the global scale and how we will relate to the rest of the world. What does in mean to British? How do we see ourselves? How does the rest of the world see us? What is Home?

Bringing International and British teams together we are asking the question what is Nationalism?




20th April 19:30


SpeakUp Theatre presents: LEGENDAIRY

Meet Cassie. She is performing her debut stand up show. She’s never done comedy before. She’s also a cow.
The Bovine advertising campaign meets the secret holocaust we call the meat industry. An unsettling look at farming on an industrial scale.

What people are saying about SpeakUp:
“Disturbingly authentic” – Three Weeks (Cognitions)
“Powerful…an important show to catch this year” Fringe Guru (Cognitions)


Can we start again?

Balloon explores the anxiety of living in this world with technology advancing and our chances of being able to afford a house decreasing and the amount of apathy it takes to get through the day. A surreal and comedic journey through one woman’s attempt to try and find the point in it all.

Over Soon

“I never asked for any of this.

I am looking at life, but from such a distance

And I’m short sighted so it’s just…”

In the UK suicide remains the leading cause of death for men aged 20-34.

This is not a story of statistics.

This is real.

A brutally honest and emotional show, Over Soon is a stripped back and unflinching look at the manic highs and punishing lows of battling depression.

**** ‘Intensely visual and visceral… Incredibly fresh’  – Broadway Baby

Before I Was a Bear

Writer: Eleanor Tindall
Director: Aneesha Srinivasan

It’s a rainy Wednesday night in an empty bar in North London. Callisto is drinking wine and waiting for a friend whilst rolling a cigarette and absentmindedly humming to Little Mix. She’s bored and not quite drunk enough yet. After a few minutes, the door opens. She glances towards it briefly and doesn’t quite register who it is until she looks away – Was that…? That looked a bit like..? She looks over again, this time more discreetly, and it is. It’s him. She’s sure it’s him. She looks at the wine in front of her. She’s definitely not drunk enough to go over. 

But she could be.

Before I Was A Bear is a short play about power and female sexuality.

“Before I Was A Bear” (…) a monologue on the politics and societal pressure placed upon the sexual agency of women, was among those that grabbed me the most, and Ava Pickett did excellent work turning the absurd start (she enters the stage dressed in a bear costume) into a faintly chilling end.’ Quote from a review of PEN #2 at the Arcola by @joeyreviews. 



Foodbank As It Is
26th April 19:00

How does it feel to go hungry for days, yet be surrounded by plenty? What is it like to rely on a food bank to feed yourself and your family? 

Documented by a food bank worker who is incensed by what she has seen, Food Bank As It Is presents dramatised real stories from one real food bank. Since spring 2017, Foodbank As It Is has played to many hundreds of people in venues in London, Oxford and Bangor. 

After a special performance of the show in the Palace of Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn said: 

“The show tonight seemed to me totally realistic … I hope you can perform it in places with a much, much bigger audience than this because the message needs to get out there.”

The performance will be followed by a debate, As It Is style, in which all voices and views are genuinely welcome and dialogue is encouraged. Come with an open mind! 



5 broken cameras
27th April 19:30

From the team behind Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival, Last
Frame is a new an exciting project that will showcase incredible feature
and short films shining a light on social issues, underrepresented
communities and also festival winners and audience favourites in
Walthamstow. We will also be programming affordable film-workshops
and masterclasses and nights will include special events and speakers.

Last Frame Club’s launch will open with 5 Broken Cameras:
In the small West Bank village of Bil’in, Emad Burnat buys his first videocamera to begin
documenting the life of his new born son. What followed became a deeply personal
first hand account of the villagers struggle to prevent the building of an Israeli security
fence. The fence is destined to destroy farming land and pave the way for the growth of
a nearby settlement. Five years and five cameras later alongside co-director Guy Davidi,
Emad’s footage offers the viewer an eyeopening insight into life within a Palestinian
village. Last Frame Club are excited to be screening the Oscar nominated 5 Broken
Cameras, a powerful story of resistance and a true example of front line filmmaking.

A visual essay in autobiography…a modest, rigorous and moving work of art.— A.O. Scott, The New York Times (Critics’ Pick)

A powerful personal testimony: the kind of material that never makes the nightly news.
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian