RIGHTS, RISKS & REPUTATIONS| 30th September 10am
MAMA COLONEL |2nd November 7pm
AWKWARD TALKS |3rd November 6pm
WHERE ARE THE WOMEN IN GRIME? | 17th November 16:00
ORLA & THE TIME-TRAVELLING MEMORY CATCHERS | 15th December 10am & 11:45am

30th September 10:00 – 13:00

Are you interested in tackling a risk averse culture?
We are delighted to offer a Workshop at CentrE17 as newly born Rights, Risks and Reputations Ambassadors! We, that is Tanja Erhart – Austrian independent disabled artist and scientist – and Sarah Blanc, Irish performer, choreographer and TV presenter – want to invite artists and people within the Arts Sector to come together in an open and honest discussions, to voice challenges, fears and experiences relating to creative and reputational risk and to share stories of what can be sensitive and difficult topics around censorship, freedom of expression and safe risk taking. What does risk mean? What are the challenges we face? Can we support each other to take risk? We believe coming closer is important in order to be risky and to be risky is important in order to come closer. So let’s meet, talk, risk and move!

The event is free.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
If you have any further questions, need any assistance and want to sign-up for the Workshop, please contact us via this email address: and you will get a confirmation email sent back to you

A note on liability
Our Risks, Rights and Reputations Workshop is intended to support you to engage with the themes related to challenging a risk averse culture in the Cultural Sector. We will share resources, tools and exercises to support you to develop your own response to this theme. This workshop is not offering expert advice or guidance on what you should do in relation to your individual circumstance. By signing up to attend the workshop you acknowledge that any action you undertake as a result of attending the workshop is your own and therefore the accountability for any actions rests with you and not the Workshop leaders.


2nd November 19:00
Concession £4

France, Congo & Netherlands | 72 mins | Dieudo Hamadi | 2017
Screening plus guest speakers

Colonel Honorine Manyole, commonly known as ‘Mama Colonel’ works for the Congolese police force and heads the unit for the protection of minors and the fight against sexual violence. Through the portrait of this extraordinarily brave and tenacious woman, who fights for justice to be done, this film addresses the issue of violence towards women and children in the DRC and the difficulty of overcoming the past War.

“Disciplined, succinct, and effective. Documentarian Dieudo Hamadi follows the work of a senior Congolese policewoman in charge of stopping sexual violence and physical abuse against women and children” —The Hollywood Reporter

“A blistering portrait of a society that takes all their hardships out on its innocent and vulnerable children… Powerful”— In the Seats

“Hamadi’s style of documentation lets people speak for themselves, while his framing allows for sensitive issues such as memory, solidarity, conflict, and government neglect to come to the fore” – George Kibala Bauer
Awards & Festivals
Grand Prize, 2017 Cinema du Reel Documentary Festival

Jury Prize, 2017 Berlinale Film Festival

Best Forum Film, Tagesspiegel Prize 2017 Berlinale Film Festival

Official Selection, 2018 ACT Human Rights Film Festival

2017 HotDocs Film Festival

2017 AFI Docs Documentary Film Festival



25th October 20:00

Direct from successfully bribing the Edinburgh Fringe for a 4**** review, the show celebrating a 20-year obsession with Wakefield’s number one export, the legendary JANE MCDONALD, makes a return voyage to Walthamstow this October.
Welcome back to the Walthamstow chapter of the self-help group ‘Jane McDonald Anonymous’. Place yourself in the very experienced hands of Grant McLachlan, the newly-elected leader of an elite group of Jane superfans called the ‘Cruisettes’ and allow him to steer you through your 8-step journey, from admitting to celebrating your obsession with everything that is Jane McDonald.
Grant devised the show after he was filmed at his school for the Channel 5 show ‘Jane & Friends’. Thanks to her recent award-winning ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’ series, she is at the top of her career, so this show will speak to anyone who feels that they need a bit of showtune sparkle, camp banter and Jane McDonald in their lives – and frankly, who doesn’t?
“I mean, I’ve been cruising many, many times, but this is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen” Jane McDonald, 2017.
“There’s so much to commend about this debut, and it will be exciting to see what McLachlan will offer as he grows in confidence as a performer.” The Wee Review

Proudly supporting Maggie’s Centre’s



3rd November 18:00

As women we should be able to have open discussions about what makes us who we are. Sometimes these topics can make us or others feel uneasy, uncomfortable or like we can’t be open and speak without judgement.

Introducing Awkward talks…..A monthly meet up for all women in a safe, relaxed and open space to discuss issues that affect us all. This months meet: let’s talk about periods.

We will be screening the documentary The Moon Inside You  directed by Diana Fabianova followed by an open discussion

Half the money of each ticket purchased goes to the Charity Eat or Heat Waltham Forest

They are an organisation that endeavours to help feed people in these times of austerity. As the economic situation has deteriorated, we have seen more families that say

“I can either heat and light the house, but can’t feed the family too”. LIFE IN THIS COUNTRY SHOULDN’T BE “EAT OR HEAT”

There will also be a sanitary collection box for any tampons or pads to donate to homeless women. 

Free nibbles and BYOB 



Where are the Women in Grime?
Panel discussion
17th November 16:00

Explore the experience of women within this historically male-dominated genre with producer and DJ, Mizz Beats; Shakira Walters, founder of Girls of Grime; rapper Sharna Cane; and Tanya Cracknell, The Grime Violinist in a discussion chaired by Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan, Executive Editor of TRENCH magazine.

The panel will discuss the challenges female MCs and producers have faced in achieving parity with their male counterparts and how the context is changing for current and future female artists. They will also consider the role women have played in taking the genre forward within the music industry. The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

The event is part of Grime Waltham Forest, a project celebrating the MCs, producers and promoters from the borough who helped to create grime music. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Tickets are FREE

For further information on Grime Waltham Forest –



15th December 10am & 11:45am

Orla is on a mission. To remind her Grandmother who she is.

Join us on an epic journey through time as Orla travels back through Nana Penny’s colourful life to collect special souvenirs for Nana’s memory box. On an adventure that takes us across the world, we discover the incredible things Penny did, heroic movements she was part of and meet her female pioneering friends who changed the course of history! We uncover the prejudices they had to overcome, the battles they fought to be themselves and how their inspiring achievements made Nana Penny the best storyteller of all time!

From marches with Emmerline Pankhurst to scientific experiments with Marie Curie! We need expert memory catchers to help Orla complete the memory box – can you help us?!

A show written & performed by rebels Lucy Varney & Carrie Hill, for rebels of all ages.

Ticket price: £7 a ticket or £22 for a family ticket (2 x children & 2 x adults OR 3 x children and 1 x adult)