RUMAH, which means HOME in the Malay language, is re-imagining the space for artists from the various Asian diasporas in London to integrate & collaborate. RUMAH aims to serve Asian artists who are invisible and under-represented. It is crucial that we do not exclude anyone based on their country of birth or where they grew up. The programmes and events curated by RUMAH aims to meet the increasing demand for space, representation and new audiences.

RUMAH brings you two exclusive excerpts from the play Merdeka (Independence), a powerful look into freedom and the state of the nation. The play was written by Rafaat Haji Hamzah and was produced by Teater Ekamatra in 1999.

Merdeka is part of RUMAH’s Solidarity Project, a guerilla-style digital project that aims to introduce Singapore Malay theatre works to a newer and larger audience. 


Merdeka is a free online event but we would be extremely grateful if you would like to support CentrE17’s reopening after a long closure by purchasing a £3 Virtual Donation Ticket HERE

1st excerpt available live from 3pm Wednesday, 5th August

2nd excerpt available live from 3pm Thursday, 6th August

(Note: Merdeka will be available for the month of August on our website)

Supported by National Arts Council, Singapore. To support RUMAH and more Singapore Malay playwriting, please donate to their Ko-Fi here: https:/ /